Motive GIC

Watch your savings blossom.

Whatever you're saving for, our Motive GIC is here to help you get there faster.


Term 1 to 5 years
Minimum investment $1,000
Interest rate Guaranteed for length of term
Interest paid Annually*

*The holder has the option to receive interest paid annually into a Motive Savings Account or to have the interest compounded annually and paid at maturity. On Motive GICs with a term of at least 12 months, customers over the age of 57 also have the option of having interest paid monthly into a Motive Savings account.


  • It's your choice whether to have your interest paid annually to your Motive Savings Account or have it compounded and paid at maturity
  • Once it matures, you can either have it automatically renewed, or you can transfer to your Motive Savings Account


Non-Redeemable Motive GICs* (Rates effective 2021-11-08) Rates
12 Month Term 1.45%
24 Month Term 1.85%
36 Month Term 2.00%
48 Month Term 2.15%
60 Month Term 2.50%

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