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Motive Cha-Ching Chequing Account™

Cha-ching! The sound of your bank account.

The sweet sound of cash! Unlimited free transactions and Interac® e-Transfers mean you won’t be dinged for doing what you love.


Monthly fee Free
Deposits Free
Monthly withdrawals* included Unlimited
First 50 Personalized Cheques Free
THE EXCHANGE® Network ATM withdrawal fee Free
Non-EXCHANGE Network ATM withdrawal fee 2 Free, additional withdrawals $1.50


  • Earn a competitive interest rate
  • Access to the second largest ATM network in Canada

Easy Transfers

Transferring between your accounts at other Canadian banks and your Motive account is simple with our online banking service. It’s your money, after all.


Motive Cha-Ching Chequing Account (Rates effective 2018-11-05) Rates
$0 and over 0.25%

*Withdrawals include online bill payments, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withdrawals, Interac® Direct Purchase payments, Interac e-Transfers, electronic funds transfers to another financial institution, automatic payments and other electronic debits.

All rates quoted are annual interest rates and are subject to change without notice.

Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and paid monthly. Interest is calculated on the portion of the balance that sits within each tier.